I can't take full credit for this.

Handling newborn babies isn’t something I am used to, but I do find them incredibly fascinating! They’re so tiny and soft. Although I don’t have a lot of experience with Newborn Photography, the experiences I have had were a lot of fun!

A cousin recently had a baby girl and a friend of theirs does Newborn Photography professionally. She offered to show me the ropes, so of course I said yes!

Erin Young is an accomplished portrait photographer located in Rochester, Minnesota. She has many weddings, high school senior photos, and maternity portraits under her belt, but she specializes in newborn photography. Her style is artistic and colorful, and her techniques create timeless, elegant photos.

I woke up early so I could drive over to Erin’s studio (about an hour drive). I made my coffee, caught up on my favorite YouTubers and soon enough, it was time to leave. I enjoyed singing to Queen, Calvin Harris, and the Bellamy Brothers on my way (genre whiplash is my style).

I arrived at the studio and I walked inside. It was like walking into a sauna! But that’s important for keeping the baby comfortable!

Erin showed me all the cute setups she had in mind for little Evelyn in which to pose! They were all assembled in a circle around the studio to keep a good work pace. It was impressive watching Erin work!

She showed me how to wrap up a baby and the different poses in which you can position them! As she worked, she explained why she did certain things versus others. I made a list of all the things that are important when taking photos of newborn babies!

  • Don’t shoot up their nose (shoot from their forehead down their face).

  • A baby isn’t as fragile as you think.

  • Light the baby from the upper half of their face, not from below.

  • Move baby quickly and deliberately.

  • You can adjust their head by holding the sides of their face (pictured above).

  • Keep a lot of towels or small pillows around to put under the baby for support.

  • Hold in the baby’s arms and legs to keep them calm and sleepy.

  • Keep the baby’s head mostly vertical in the frame of the camera.

  • Having a spotter is important for when you are adjusting the light or switching backgrounds.

  • Sometimes a baby will create their own cute pose that you can work with.

  • You can communicate with clients to discover what makes them unique so you can personalize their experience and make it special.

  • The hardest part is transitioning between poses or setups. The baby might get crabby, but if you are patient and let them settle, it will be okay.

  • Once you get a good shot, you can play around to see if you can perfect the pose (such as straighten a finger or adjust the feet).

  • Rapid eye movement + fast breathing = a smile is coming!

  • Make sure to leave enough room around the edge of your photo for when you go to print them.

At the end of the session, Erin offered to let me take some of my own photos and do my own positioning! I wasn’t sure what I was doing at first, but the experience left me much more confident and excited about Newborn Photography! So although I took these photos, I owe most of it to Erin, as she set up the lighting and helped me position Evelyn properly.

I can’t thank Erin enough for inviting me to be a part of Evelyn’s photoshoot! I learned a lot and the experience is so valuable to me. I will implement all the things I’ve learned into my own work and I can’t wait to discover my own little techniques.

I highly recommend Erin if you are looking to get top of the line photographs of your baby or family! Her art is something I would proudly hang on my wall! Check out her website HERE.

Thanks for joining me on my weekly adventure!

Δ Abbi

Why I woke up at 4:30am on my day off.

I love sleeping in. It’s one of the things that makes me most happy (behind my family, my dog and photography of course).

So on Thursday while I was at work, I thought to myself, what a great idea to wake up early and get photos of the sunrise. I’m usually a morning person anyway. I’m that over-enthusiastic coworker who annoys everyone else who is still half asleep. I embrace the role proudly. But I like to enjoy sleeping in an extra hour or two on weekends, so I thought I’d challenge myself and get moving at 4:30am.

I went to bed around 11pm Thursday night. So I was questioning whether or not I should actually get up early but I knew I’d regret it if I didn’t keep my word to myself. My alarm went off Friday morning and I forced myself out of bed. I stopped by the local Casey’s for some coffee, a breakfast sandwich and an apple. I made the 25 minute trek to Hickory Grove Park outside of Colo, Iowa.

Apparently, they are renovating the entire park, so I had to work my way around some construction, but I made it work. I parked, grabbed my photo bag and tripod and then I walked down to the water. It was a little chilly but I stuck it out. The geese were honking, the ducks were quacking, and the bass were jumping. It was a lively morning and I’m glad I got up early to see it.

I adjusted the settings on my camera and attached my remote shutter and looked for some compositions. Let me just say…sunrise photography is completely new to me!

I really didn’t know what to shoot. I think location had a lot to do with it, but I wasn’t completely impressed with my sunrise photos. They were just okay. But I didn’t want to stop there.

So after the sun came up, I drove around for a bit. Exploring the country in the early morning is awesome because I saw a Barred Owl, a doe (a deer, a female deer), and a male pheasant. You usually don’t see those animals in town. I love watching wild animals in their element. Animal Behavior was one of my favorite classes in college! Anyway, I digress.

Then I decided to drive up to Ada Hayden Park just North of Ames. The sun had already come up, but I thought I’d explore anyway because it’s something I’ve always been good at.

I shot quite a lot of photos. I saw a guy on a bike make several laps around the “lake,” and I greeted a few people taking early-morning walks. I spent a good hour at Ada Hayden and then I was ready to go home and edit (and take a nap).

So why did I get up so early on my day off? Well you might be thinking, to get photos, duh! Okay, yeah, I got up to get photos, but the bigger reason why I did it was for discipline. It’s easy to say, meh I’ll do it another time.

If you do what you say you’re going to do, you’ll be so much more ahead of yourself than if you were to just put it off. I got up early because I made a promise to myself and because I have never actually gotten up early just to take photos of the sunrise. Plus, I got to see wildlife I wouldn’t have been able to see otherwise.

I got a few keeper photos, but more importantly, I earned experience. So if you want something, don’t let the temptation of procrastination take you over!

Δ Abbi